Earlier, at 10:00 on March 10, the trawler, owned by Tran Quang Thai, a native in Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province, was unable to operate due to engine failure while fishing offshore in the Gulf of Tonkin and some 90 nautical miles from Hon Ngu Island (Nghe An province).

Ship SAR-411 approaching the troubled trawler

Failure to repair the engine despite great efforts and with rough seas and high waves facing the troubled trawler, the trawler’s captain decided to send a mayday signal.

Upon receiving the alert, the Vietnam MRCC instructed the crewmen to make the trawler stable before the rescue force’s approach and asked the captain to keep contact to update the trawler’s location and status.

The center also sent the ship which was on standby at the Northern waters for the rescue mission.

After 12-hours, at 10:00 on March 13, the ship approached the distressed trawler, giving first aid to the crewmen, and deploying measures to keep the trawler from sinking and later towed it ashore.

Translated by Mai Huong