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Green island at sea

Green island at seaphoto

PANO – Located in Southern Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands in the East Sea (South China Sea) of Vietnam, An Bang Island used to have no fresh water and it was hard to grow trees as well as vegetables on the island. However, troops on the island have practiced self-sufficiency, self-reliance and thrift, overcoming difficulties and turning the impossible into possible. From a bare coral island, An Bang has now turned green with lush vegetables and green trees. If some years ago the island had to rely on green vegetables transported from the mainland, then An Bang is now a “vegetable self-sufficient” island. Landing on the island, visitors  are impressed by the green “bang qua vuong” (or barringtonia asiatica) trees. Then, come rows of various types of green vegetables, which help make scorching heat milder. The People’s Army Newspaper Online would like to present a number of images of the green island during this summer time.Translated by Chung Anh

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