This is the second year in a row Viettel has been rated as one of the 10 companies with the best working environment, and is the only state-owned enterprise to earn this title. Viettel is also the most attractive recruiter for the “Y generation” (those born from 1985 – 2000) right in the first rating.


The preeminent and attractive feature of Viettel is that the group is always proactive in dealing with social issues for the sake of  the country to develop the group. At present, Viettel is pursuing the target to popularize the internet via the installation of the 4G mobile network covering subscribers nationwide like what it did with its 2G network. Viettel hopes to wage the second telecommunications revolution in Vietnam with an aim to help each Vietnamese have a 4G smartphone, preparing for the fourth industrial revolution, bringing opportunities for Vietnam to build a nation of knowledge. This is the very factor that inspires the personnel of Viettel at work.

Each among the total number of nearly 50,000 cadres and employees of Viettel, including nearly 10,000 working abroad, is given opportunities to show their capabilities. Leaders of the group have belief that everyone has their own values and many of them have yet to show these values. Therefore, assigning hard jobs and placing trust in them is the way Viettel awakens hidden potentials in each person. Via challenges, Viettel personnel have chance to improve themselves while inspired to work.

Not only meeting the most important criteria for employees, such as the company prestige, opportunities for personal development, competitive working environment, creating jobs for higher-than-average income for its staff, Viettel has also been successful in attracting talented people and experts in the fields of R&D and business administration and leading hi-tech experts in the world.

Translated by Huu Duong