Major General Trinh Van Quyet addressing the meeting

Discussing the achievements of dissemination collaboration activities last year, MR2 at the event highlighted the implementation of affiliated units that helped raise the pride and sense of responsibility of officers and soldiers of MR2, promote the traditions and outstanding victories of troops and people in the Northwest region in construction and development of the Fatherland, and beautifying and tightening military-civilian ties.  

On this occasion, MR2 also presented certificates of merit to 27 staff, reporters and orators in acknowledgement of their outstanding performance in dissemination work.

For the dissemination work in 2017, Major General Trinh Van Quyet - Political Commissar of MR2, asked delegates at the meeting to focus on disseminating the Party’s viewpoint on defense-security; local Party committees’ and authorities’ and military units’ guidelines and solutions in implementing military and defense tasks, especially the task of building a strong local defensive area. In addition, relevant units should disseminate defense external affairs, the fight against the “peaceful evolution” and other unscheduled missions. 

To better implement information dissemination work in the coming time, MR2 directed other units to collaborate to provide information and create favorable conditions for reporters to well fulfill their assigned missions.

Translated by Hong Thanh