Established five years ago (May 19, 2013), QPVN channel now operates 55 formats categorized in five groups of News; Documentaries, Commentaries and Politico-Commentaries; Documentaries and Humanitarian Works; Sports and Entertainment; and Feature Films and Reality Shows. The channel broadcasts 13 news bulletins a day in Vietnamese, English and Chinese.

Delegates at the gala

Over the past five years, QPVN’s staffers have striven energetically to create the foundation for the channel to reach its present position and the channel has gradually confirmed its status as one of the seven essential channels of the nation, attracting a large number of viewers both in the military and from the general public, thus implementing well its central political role.

In order to better fulfill its tasks in the coming time, the center is required to continue to implement the guideline and resolutions of the Party and State on information dissemination and communications. The channel is also to collaborate with related agencies to further promote its status and reputation and expand its coverage. From what has already been achieved, the channel is expected to thrive in the coming time, further meeting the need for all military-defense information of the viewers.

The gala then staged various activities, such as talks with those who shouldered difficult tasks with QPVN from the very early days of the establishment of the channel to present as well as various artistic performances, to list a few.

Translated by Huu Duong