At the reception ceremony
During the Vietnam resistance war against American imperialists, generations of cadres and staff of the Department for Weapons Research and Design (the predecessor of today's Missiles sub-Institute) made all-out efforts to study and manufacture many kinds of weapons and military equipment to serve different theaters. Such weapons as man-portable missile A12 and torpedo APS made great contributions to the success of Vietnamese soldiers’ battles in different battlefields.

Some studies on manufacturing missiles, mines, grenades, and control devices during the war were granted with the Ho Chi Minh and the National Prizes on science and technology.

In the renewal process, the unit has promoted its recorded results in wartime to have more high quality studies on mastering modern weapons and equipment and produce more military products.

The same day, the Political Department of the Border Guard Command received the same title and marked its 58th founding anniversary.

Over the past years, the unit has contributed to the command’s effective implementation of Party and political work, making contributions to firmly safeguarding national sovereignty in border areas as well as building the command into a revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern force.

Translated by Tran Hoai