Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem presided over the meeting.

Reportedly, the school’s Party Committee has paid due attention to and directed the dissemination and education of laws to its staff, cadets, workers and soldiers. The work has been implemented in line with the school’s education and training task and been renovated in forms and methods, helping the school’s staff raise their awareness and responsibility for law enforcement and military discipline observance.

General Chiem speaks at the event.

In conclusion, General Chiem spoke highly of the school’s achievements in legal dissemination and education work. He asked the school’s Party Committees and commanders at all levels to direct the renovation of the work performance to make it more effective.

In the time ahead, the school should solidify contents of the work, enhance personnel management, boost force regularity building, improve professional expertise for cadres in charge of law dissemination and promote the dissemination of the Party’s policies and State’s laws to local people, he added.

Translated by Mai Huong