At the conference hosted by the Department of Science and Technology

In 2017, the whole army carried out eight national-level projects and was engaged in nine subjects  of the nation’s key scientific and technological programs and 125 scientific and technological topics at the Ministry of National Defense level, ensuring the set plans and progress. Furthermore, they applied scientific and technological research outcomes in real situations, contributing to improving  the army’s integrated quality and combat strength.

In 2018, the Department of Science and Technology under the Ministry of National Defense will continue embracing and seriously implementing resolutions and directives on science and technology and environment from higher levels, to promote progress of the army’s main scientific and technological programs and projects.

* The Department of Standards, Measurements and Quality under the Ministry of National Defense will concentrate on doing scientific and technological research and bring into full play technical improvement initiatives to help modernize all measurement equipment.

* With good leadership over key missions in 2017, including the maintenance of combat readiness duties, search and rescue, innovations in training and exercises, improved combined quality of armed forces and the upholding of border sovereignty, social order and political security, the Party Committee and Command of Military Region 1 in 2018 will further cooperate with local authorities to build a firm defensive area, build a contingent of militia and self-defense and reserve forces to meet assigned missions while promoting exercises in line with each plan and ensuring logistical and technical services.

* Highlights in 2017 of Military Region 4 included serious maintenance of combat readiness duties, following closely local developments, comprehensive implementation of all working aspects to fulfill all set military-defense goals, active involvement in overcoming aftermaths of natural disasters and in search and rescue with the engagement of 56,735 arrivals of cadres and troops and 586 vehicles of different types.

At the conference held by Military Region 9

* In 2018, the Party Committee and Command of Military Region 5 will focus their leadership on building a defense area in close attachment with building a strong whole-people’s defense, improving the armed forces’ integrated quality, professionalism, strength and ability of combat readiness, maintaining political stability and peaceful environment for local socio-economic development and more.

* Next year, Military Region 9 will manage, grasp thoroughly, evaluate and forecast precisely situations on security-defense. It will also comprehensively and effectively realize directives and regulations on combat readiness while strictly observing duty regulations, improving combat readiness ability of the region’s armed forces as well as giving timely solutions to any circumstances and situations as they arise.

* In 2017, the Naval Service performed fully their tasks, especially defending strategic targets as well as the national sovereignty over seas and islands and mastering new staff weapons and equipment.

In 2018, the Service will further tighten discipline, ensure safety of all operations, continue to effectively promote political and ideological education and build a firm political stance for cadres and troops to fully complete all assigned missions.

* The Coast Guard Command’s affiliated units handled 33 incidents at sea and gave aid and assistance to 228 distressed fishermen this year.

Next year, it will improve its patrol efficiency, continue to maintain security, order and safety in national waters, receive and build patrol boats of a new generation, further implement the model “Coast guards support fishermen” and be determined to defend the national sovereignty over seas and national interests at sea.

* The military medical sector plans to ensure military medical service for all missions, especially combat readiness and unscheduled/unexpected situations and apply and develop new techniques to better the care for both troops and people as well as improve preventive healthcare in the coming year.

* In 2018, the Tank and Armored Arm will grasp thoroughly the skills required for tank-armored force, give timely suggestion and updates to the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense on organizing, building and using the tank-armored force, improve training and combat readiness quality to meet requirements in the current period.

Translated by Mai Huong