Search Team 584 of MR4 collecting remains of Vietnamese fallen soldiers in Laos. Photo: baonghean.vn

During the 2016-2017 dry season, the work was carried out actively, synchronously and with high sense of responsibility of the participants. As a result, 305 remains of fallen soldiers were collected in that season, of which 200 were Vietnamese troops who sacrificed themselves while serving international obligation in Laos and the remainder were found in Vietnam.

At the conference, delegates and search teams drew lessons and discussed solutions to improve the efficiency of the work in the coming time.

In the 2017-2018 dry season, the command will mobilize its forces and equipment and team up with relevant forces to search for some 280 fallen soldiers’ remains, including 163 remains from Laos and 117 from Vietnam while ensuring absolute safety in all spheres.

On the occasion, the command, authorized by the State President and the Prime Minister, handed over Third-Class Fatherland Protection Orders and First-, Second-, and Third-Class Military Orders of Feat of Arms, presented by the Prime Minister, to eight groups and six individuals with outstanding achievements in this work since 2005.

Translated by Mai Huong