Delegates taking part in the event

Addressing the event, Lieutenant General Khuat Viet Dung, Political Commissar of the General Department of Defense Industry, stressed that the four resolutions of the 6th session of the 12th National Party Congress revealed contents related to the renovation process and the socio-economy development.

Therefore, he noted that the work should be in line with the implementation of the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies. The officer urged the Party organizations, political chiefs and chains of command at all levels to direct and monitor its relevant units in performing the work.

* The same day, the Party Committee of the Logistics Academy held a similar event to observe the resolutions of the 6th session of the 12th National Party Congress.

At the meeting, participants learned about contents such as organizing an elite political system, renewing the operation and structure of public organizations, improving people’s health and managing population in the current context.

Also, the affiliated Party committees and organizations also were asked to closely grasp the resolutions and efficiently disseminate these to their officers and troops.

Translated by Trung Thanh