General Cuong is also the Deputy Chairman of the Steering Board of the Project.

Present at the meeting were also Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia, Deputy Director of the VPA’s General Department of Politics; commanders, political commissars and chiefs of political organs of under-ministerial agencies and units from Military Region 5 southward.

Addressing the meeting, General Cuong underscored that cadres play an important role in Party building; therefore, to build a corps of cadres, particularly those at the operational and strategic levels, for defense agencies and military units to meet the task requirement in the current situation is crucial and key to the whole military force building process in both immediate and long terms.

Senior Lieutenant General Luong Cuong (C) talking with other delegates at the meeting

He asked delegates at the meeting to point out weaknesses, limitations as well as origins and lessons from the leadership over the cadre building process and personnel work while suggesting good solutions to achieve the set objectives and recommendations to complete the Project.

Meanwhile, in his speech, General Nghia revealed that the draft Project has been scrutinized by the Steering Board and reported to the Defense Minister and Chairman of the Steering Board and discussed out by all Party Committees of under-ministerial agencies and units.

The drafting team has received various opinions from the under-ministerial agencies and units, amended the draft for seven times based on the good ideas and opinions, and reported the amendments to the Steering Board.

He said that the meeting with the participation of all under-ministerial agencies and units as well as researchers was very important as it would contribute good ideas and constructive opinions to the Steering Board and the drafting team before the final draft could be completed and presented at a meeting of the Central Military Commission.

During the meeting, delegates actively discussed the draft and gave a number of suggestions, focusing on the personnel work, directions and approaches to build a corps of comprehensively competent military officers.

To conclude the meeting, General Cuong highly valued the contributions of the delegates to the draft, and asked the drafting team to study the opinions so as to complete the draft Project at the soonest time.

Translated by Thu Nguyen