The mission consisted of representatives of relevant agencies of the Ministry of National Defense, the Vietnam Border Guard Command, the Engineer Corps and the Command of Military Region 7.

During the inspection

During the inspection in a number of border areas of Tay Ninh province, the mission was briefed by functional agencies, contractors and localities upon the situation of the project as well as difficulties and obstacles during the route construction. The border patrol route is part of package No.13 (2017 - 2020), covering the distance of nearly 59km along the borderline in Tay Ninh province.

General Nam hailed the units’ efforts in the route’s construction. He required the units to accelerate the pace of construction while ensuring quality so that the route will meet the requirements of border patrol missions and help strengthen the local defense and security posture.

He stressed that the constructors should firmly coordinate with relevant agencies and localities to flexibly carry out construction solutions and overcome difficulties at work. Related localities are to create favorable conditions for the unit to implement the construction mission.

Translated by Duc Nguyen