Among the products honored this time, Viettel BI 2.0 is listed in the Top 10 best products as it meets the criteria of socio-economic efficiency, trademark prestige, revenue, market-share, number of subscribers, innovative technology... This is the third consecutive year that Viettel has made record in the number of products winning the Sao Khue Awards. It is obvious that the sound strategy in combining information technology and telecommunications technology of Viettel has penetrated into every aspect of life.

 The organizing board hand over the award to Viettel's representative 

Viettel BI 2.0 is a system built upon the Viettel Real-time Big Data Analytics Platform, enabling the system to analyze and synthesize consumption behaviors of customers in various different dimensions so that business strategies can be devised. Developed in 2015, so far Viettel BI 2.0 has been employed in Viettel’s markets and raked in VND 70 billion in 2016. Viettel BI 2.0 has been evaluated as a product with novel features, meeting the demand of processing big data of businesses and, therefore, helping optimize the use of research resources, construction, operation, etc. in a unified system.

Senior Colonel Tong Viet Trung, Deputy Director General of Viettel Group, said, “The fourth industrial revolution provides us an opportunity to confirm our technological power with hundreds of products, helping form smarter Vietnamese and build a smarter society. Our Sao Khue Awards winners have been developed under that strategy.”

Together with boosting the implementation of telecommunications and information technology application to life, Viettel has built a far-reaching and widespread 4G infrastructure with more than 36,000 4G based transceiver stations, for any Vietnamese citizen to enjoy a more convenient life. The group will inaugurate its 4G services on April 18.

* List of 10 Viettel products winning Sao Khue Awards 2017: Viettel BI 2.0, My Viettel, Customer Service 098#, Value-added telecommunications services, V-Tracking, ETC.ONE, Internet Safenet, Cloud Camera, National Vaccination Information Management System, and VFS.

Translated by Huu Duong