It was the recorded and fastest growth rate in attracting users that Viettel has gained in both domestic and international markets.

The reasons for Mytel’s recorded number of users in the first 10 days reflected the fact that Mytel owns the biggest telecoms infrastructure in Myanmar with a coverage of 80 percent of the local population and 30,000 kms of optical-fiber cables covering the whole country. Mytel is the first and, currently, only 4G provider and Mytel has a nationwide distribution system with nearly 50 shops and 50,000 agencies.

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Mytel’s General Director Nguyen Thanh Nam said that Mytel targets to attract between 2 and 3 million customers this year. Nam emphasized that the huge potential of Myanmar telecom market with growing mobile broadband internet demands creates a big opportunity for telecoms firms in general, and Viettel in particular, to develop.

Viettel officially inaugurated its 10th international mobile network in Myanmar on June 9, 2018 under the brand name Mytel. Myanmar has a population of nearly 53 million people, the biggest market with the highest economic growth rate (about 7 percent) among the ten countries that Viettel has so far invested in.

Translated by Mai Huong