The strategy was announced at the MB’s annual congress of shareholders in late April this year.

At the congress, the bank’s Board of Directors oriented the MB to be the most convenient bank in the 2017-2021 period, targeted to increase its chartered capital to VND 18,155 billion and its dividend to 11 percent for 2017.

MB has started a strategy to obtain its goal of being one of the Top 5 Vietnamese banking systems with business efficiency by 2021. 
According to Senior Lieutenant General Le Huu Duc, Chairman of the bank’s Board of Directors, to attain its goals, MB will carry out a strategy based on three pillars of “Community Bank”, “Professional Bank” and “Digital Bank” and two capability foundations of outstanding risk management and fast implementation.

In the 2017-2021 period, MB will take advantages of its cooperation opportunities with Fintech, a financial institution, that uses new technology and innovation to provide financial services.

Moreover, the bank will continue focusing on balancing interests for shareholders and investors via a number of flexible policies in line with real situations and regulations.

This year alone, MB concentrates on carrying out its Digital Bank project, adjusting an organization model and other mechanisms, policies and criteria to realize the newly-launched strategy.

Colonel Luu Trung Thai, MB’s Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General, said that the bank’s operation principle for 2017 is “Growth with breakthrough, Effectiveness and Safety”. It also sets a business goal of an increase of 10 per cent in total assets, 6 per cent in chartered capital, earning of VND 4,532 billion in pre-tax profit, and putting its bad debts under 1.5 per cent.

The bank also aims to step by step become a more dynamic bank to serve customers from all walks of life, especially the youth.

Translated by Mai Huong