This resulted from an annual survey by Anphabe, a company specializing in business consultancy, trademarks and headhunting, with the professional involvement of the world's largest market research firm of Nielsen.

Representative of MB receiving the certificate

The survey aimed to work out a comprehensive report about the latest trends of professional motivation and job expectation in every sector and working position. The outcomes of the survey will be considered valuable information reference for Vietnam's business community to improve their working environment and meet employees' expectation.

Around 26,000 interviewees from 24 different professions, belonging to the "Baby Boomer" (those born from 1950-1969), the "X generation" (those born from 1979-1985) and the “Y generation” (those born from 1985 – 2000), joined the survey. In addition, the surveyors also offered special questions to 50 personnel directors, with one forth of them coming from domestic businesses and the rest from foreign enterprises.

Since its establishment in 1994, MB has gradually developed as one of the leading banks in Vietnam, especially in terms of effectiveness and productivity. It now has around 8,000 staff, working at 260 transaction offices at home and abroad.

Translated by Trung Thanh