Delegates having a joint photo at the inauguration ceremony. Photo: nhandan.com.vn
The 4,750sq.m site is within the Tam Giac Sat (Iron Triangle) tunnel relic area.

It will cost around 2 billion VND (87,760 USD) in all.

The first phase, which mainly focused on planting a forest and installing gravestones and memorial works, took five months.

The second phase will see camping sites and outdoor huts built and some scenes from the resistance war against the Americans recreated.

Also on the occasion of the inauguration, the union provided financial assistance to two local families under the Government’s preferential policies for building a ‘gratitude’ house and repairing another.

The Tam Giac Sat Tunnel played a vital role in Vietnam’s wars against the French and American invaders. It was recognized as a national historical site in 1996.

Source: VNA