Ambassador Osius sharing the story of the U.S. OSS officers including Henry Prunier and Major Allison Thomas working with President Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap. 
Tan Trao is the site of where Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh cooperated with the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to fight occupying Axis forces during World War 2.

At Tan Trao, OSS officers trained Viet Minh guerrillas, shared intelligence, supplied Viet Minh with ammunition and medicine, and even presented Ho Chi Minh with a copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence for research in writing Vietnam’s own Declaration of Independence. During this time, Ho Chi Minh and his Viet Minh troops also rescued American pilots who were shot down in the area.

Ambassador Osius meeting with Deputy Secretary of the Tuyen Quang provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hong Thang 

Tan Trao marks a golden moment of cooperation in U.S.-Vietnam relations, marking "the spirit of 1945," when the United States was a prime supporter of Vietnam's movement for independence and sovereignty. It is also a place with personal significance for one member of the Embassy family:  Political Counselor Brett Blackshaw. Blackshaw's grandfather, Peter Morris Williams, was part of a British Royal Air Force squadron that flew missions to supply the Viet Minh and Allies at Tan Trao. To commemorate his grandfather’s contribution 72 years ago in supporting Vietnam's effort to achieve independence, Blackshaw laid a rose at the Lan Dong Minh [Allies’ Hut] in his honor.

Before visiting Tan Trao, Ambassador Osius met with Deputy Secretary of the Tuyen Quang provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hong Thang and other provincial leaders to learn about the province’s development priorities and natural and cultural heritage. During the meeting, Ambassador Osius also congratulated the provincial leadership on the successful hosting of the 2017 Investment, Trade, and Tourism Promotion Conference attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Reported by Chung Anh