On the evening of November 29, Duc and his comrades returned to the conference hall of the People’s Committee of Long Hung ward in O Mon district, Can Tho city after an on-duty day off post.

Private First Class Vo Chi Duc handing over the wallet to Ms. San 
While arranging furniture, as a meeting had been held previously at the hall, for a temporary bed for the night, Duc found a small wallet and immediately reported to his senior commanders.

After checking the wallet, they found out that there were VND 7 million in cash and many important personal papers belonging to a person named Phan Cam San inside.

Verifying the information, it was determined that the property belonged to Ms. San, Principal of the Long Hung Kindergarten.

Ms. San only learnt that she had left her wallet at the hall when she received a call from Duc’s commanders.

Receiving her belongings, San was emotionally moved and held that Duc’s good deed contributed to beautifying the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

Translated by Van Hieu