The event aims to further acknowledge the role of chemical troops in the national resistance war against the US invaders and to heighten glorious feats-of-arms and heroic traditions of chemical soldiers over the past 50 years.

The seminar
Chemical troops in a training session

Delivering their papers, attendees held that the establishment of the Chemical Corps marked the development of the Vietnam People’s Army during the national construction and defense cause. Particularly, chemical troops considerably contributed to the liberation of the South and the national reunification and undertook in international duties.

Since then, the Chemical Corps has actively made constructive advice to the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense to build up the chemical force, honed troops’ competence to master staffed equipment, foiled hostile forces' “peaceful evolution” plot, bettered combat plans in accordance with reality, continued to deal with the aftermath of toxic chemicals left behind from the war in Vietnam, and built strong Party organizations and comprehensively strong units, to name but a few.

Also, delegates drew lessons and pointed out corresponding experiences from those lessons in reality in the current context to further develop the Chemical Corps to meet present tasks’ requirements.

Translated by Van Hieu