At the exhibition displaying initiatives and models of naval units
Over the past three years, naval units under the region thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented the movements in conformity with their missions. Many initiatives and models have been effectively applied to raise the quality and efficiency of their task implementation, making contributions to well managing and firmly protecting national sovereignty over seas, islands, and continental shelf. Naval troops have been united and actively participated in mitigating and overcoming consequences caused by natural disasters and searching and rescuing the distressed at sea.

Since 2014, Naval Region 1 has conducted hundreds of patrols to manage and safeguard national seas as well as actively carried out search and rescue and other missions at sea.  

At the event, the participants highlighted effective and creative initiatives, pointed out shortcomings in carrying out the movement, and recommended measures to raise the efficiency of the movement in the coming time.

Earlier, the region, in association with Channel 1 of the Voice of Vietnam, held an exchange with outstanding figures with the theme, “Studying and following Uncle Ho’s example”.

Translated by Tran Hoai