Reportedly, over the past decade, the MIC’s Party Committee, Directorate, cadres and workers have accomplished all assigned missions despite numerous difficulties. Besides, a lot of important achievements in social and medical insurance services within the military, and the MIC’s management and operation have reaped a lot of fruits. With its great outcomes, the MIC has been awarded many noble titles and rewards by the Party, the State and the military.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Dinh, Director of the Military Social Insurance Corporation (MIC) speaking at the event

On behalf of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense, Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, Deputy-Defense Minister, thanked the Party and State for their leadership, ministries and central agencies for their supports for the MIC’s outstanding task fulfillment.

General Chiem also hailed the staff of MIC’s all-out efforts, solidarity, enthusiasm, and high responsibilities in fully implementing social and medical insurance-related regulations and policies. He also appreciated the close coordination between the MIC and other civilian and military agencies.

Regarding its future tasks, he asked the MIC to boost its ties with functional agencies in and outside the military, strengthen the MIC’s organization in an effective manner, build a contingent of cadres who could meet future task’s requirements, modernize its social and medical insurance management system in the military and use social and medical insurance budgets efficiently.

At the ceremony, authorized by the State President, General Chiem handed over the Second-class Fatherland Protection Order to the MIC.

Translated by Mai Huong