At the conference hosted by the Quang Nam provincial People's Committee

Last year, the Tuyen Quang provincial Military Command recommended the provincial People’s Committee for comprehensively carrying out and completing well the missions with a focus on key contents such as adjusting and practicing combat readiness plans, directing involved forces to follow closely developments in politics and security in the locality, and building the whole people’s defense and whole people’s defense disposition in combination with the firm whole people’s security posture.

This year, the province will continue to attach socio-economic and cultural development to defense-security strengthening and cooperate with other forces to grasp thoroughly real situations in the locality to give timely solutions to any emerging circumstances.

* Comprehensively fulfilling all assigned missions on defense and security and the “Determination to Win” emulation movement in 2017, the Nam Dinh provincial armed forces outstandingly achieved its goals on training, combat readiness, recruitment and enrollment while combining their exercises with the missions of ensuring defensive operation, natural disaster prevention, search and rescue. They also overcame the consequences of storms, gave free health checkups and medicines to 300 policy beneficiaries.

* Last year, highlights in military-defense task performance of affiliated agencies and units under the Ninh Binh provincial Military Command included strict observation of combat readiness duties, good recruitment, success in defensive area exercises and effective implementation of preventive measures to deal with natural disasters and carry out search and rescue.

* Quang Nam province’s military-defense missions in 2017 were carried out in line with regulations. The provincial People’s Committee directed related localities and forces to prevent and overcome aftermaths of flooding, run hydroelectric plants properly during rainy season, meet targets on recruitment, organize gratitude activities and solemnly hold reburial services for 144 recovered fallen soldiers.

Translated by Mai Huong