Present at the opening ceremony were representatives from the Central Steering Committee for External Information Service; the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education; Ministry of Information and Communications; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; affiliated agencies of the GDP; and 80 trainees.

 Cadres and reporters exchanging knowledge

Addressing the ceremony, Major General Ho Ba Vinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Communication and Training of the GDP, emphasized that external information activities have considerably contributed to enhancing synergy to defend the country, including the national sacred sovereignty over its seas and islands.

Vinh also said that bettering the external information service in general and the defense external affairs in particular is to implement the Party’s viewpoint, guidelines on Fatherland protection in accordance with the resolution of the 12th National Party Congress.

Therefore, carrying out defense external activities and military external information service to meet missions in the new period has posed higher requirements for military press agencies and contingents of editors and reporters.

During the two-day course, the trainees were provided with practical contents as the external information service during Vietnam’s international integration process, the press with external information task, the People’s Army Newspaper’s experiences on defense external information, and concerned issues on defense external information and popularization service.

Translated by Mai Huong