Senior Lieutenant General Tran Don visiting a patient at the Military Institute of Traditional Medicine 

According to reports, in 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, the institute has fulfilled all assigned missions; many of them were completed with excellent results. In details, in 2017, the institute received and provided treatment for nearly 10,000 arrivals of patients, increasing by more than 22% compared with 2016. The medical staff of the institute strictly observed regulations of the unit as well as the medical code of ethics. Especially, the institute has cooperated in implementing the special task of taking care of high-ranking officials of the Party, State, and military.

Apart from medical practice, the institute also fulfilled its training and education task with good results. It has provided specialized and doctorate training programs and is now focusing on doing 45 research projects. Twelve checked and accepted research projects meet the set criteria and are highly applicable to treatment…

Concluding the meeting, the deputy minister hailed the efforts and outstanding achievements of the institute over the past time and required the unit to continue promoting the quality of all aspects of work in the coming time and work harder to build up a traditional medicine trade mark of the military.

Translated by Huu Duong