The ceremony was co-held by the Vietnam Border Guard Command and the Quang Tri provincial People’s Committee under the chair of Major General Do Danh Vuong, Political Commissar of the Border Guards and Mai Thuc, Deputy Standing Chairman of the Quang Tri provincial People’s Committee.

At the ceremony

The statue is built inside the national special heritage site of Hien Luong-Ben Hai in recognition of the great contributions of the People’s Armed Police Force to protecting the borderline along the 17th parallel, which was created under the Geneva Accords (1954). The project is also to celebrate the 60th founding anniversary of the border guard force whose predecessor is the armed people’s police force and the 30th anniversary of the Whole People’s Border Guard Day (March 3, 2019).

The statue was cast in bronze in the shape of a border armed police officer holding his weapon and standing at the Hien Luong Bridgehead to safeguard the country and will be placed in harmony with other details around.

Major General Do Danh Vuong, Political Commissar of the Vietnam Border Guard Command, delivered an order to begin the construction and highlighted its significance at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Translated by Trung Thanh