Viettel's booth at Mobile World Congress 2017 
The brand of Viettel Telecom, valued at USD 2,686 million, is second only to Telkom of Indonesia, whose brand is valued at USD 4,335 million. As a result, Viettel Telecom is now ranked the 49th among telecoms companies in the world.

The brands VinaPhone and MobiFone of Vietnam are valued at USD 1,040 million and USD 391 million, ranked the 89th and 139th in the world, respectively.

It can be seen that the differences in value of the three telecoms companies of Vietnam are significant.

According to Brand Finance, there are three major factors that affect a brand’s value, namely the power of the brand, effectiveness of business operation, and the outside aspect, of which the brand’s power is the most important.

Translated by Song Anh