At the meeting, delegates reviewed the outcomes of the group’s Party and political work in 2017, agreeing that, alongside great efforts, innovation and sharp-witted market approaches of all officers and workers, Party and political activities had contributed largely to the group’s development in the past year.

Production line at M1 Factory of Viettel

Although Viettel holds a dual responsibility: as a firm doing business and as a military unit implementing increasing tasks assigned by the Party, State and Defense Ministry, it still conducts Party and political activities in a regular, creative and effective manner, which, in return, contributes positively to improving the quality of its performance of defense and military tasks as well as the efficiency of its business and production.

Delegates at the meeting also pointed out shortcomings and discussed thoroughly the specific difficulties of its branches and units in conducting Party and political activities, such as political dissemination and education, mass mobilization, internal political protection, emulation movements as well as personnel and organization work.

Based on the results of the discussions, they gave a number of good suggestions and approaches to improving the effectiveness and quality of Party and political work across the group. Among the proposed approaches, they underlined political education and management of officers’ and workers’ thoughts; innovation of personnel and organization work with a focus on improving capacities of and using basic-level cadres; the building of the “common home” of Viettel; due care for its social security network and families of its officers and workers; and restructuring of political organs of its branches and units for more efficiency.

Delegates also agreed that in order to improve the quality of Party and political work, it requires efforts of both upper structure and grassroots. While higher authorities should give sound directions and good instructions to their affiliates, basic-level cadres and workers should heighten their sense of responsibility in giving suggestions to higher authorities and innovating methods and contents of Party and political activities in their units. 

At the meeting, the group honored 10 individuals with outstanding achievements in Party and political activities in 2017.

Translated by Thu Nguyen