My Viettel application. Photo: viettel

In order to check whether Viettel-subscribed numbers are provided with sufficient information or not, subscribers may opt for the following methods:

1. Send a text message to 1414 with the content “TTTB”

2. Go online at https://vietteltelecom.vn/check-info? and add the numbers that need checking to the required field.

3. Dial 198 for assistance from operators.

If a Viettel sim card needs updating, the subscriber may follow the instruction below:

- Updating information online via My Viettel application (applied to prepaid subscribers prior to April 24. After that deadline, subscribers need to go to a Viettel store) right on their smartphones.

- Updating information at Viettel stores. In this case, subscribers are to bring their personal IDs and the SIM cards that need updating. The subscribers must do this in person and provide Viettel with five to 10 frequent contacts, most recent top-up value, and balance.

The information updated will help protect subscribers themselves with their cellphone numbers. This will also help solve the problem of spam an increasing problem over the past time.

Translated by Chung Anh