Viettel earns nearly VND 1 trillion in pre-tax profits from its overseas markets. Photo: Viettel

According to Viettel’s business report, its turnover from overseas operations posted 25 percent over the same period, increasing to nearly VND 14 trillion (USD 600 million), of which revenue in Peru posted the highest growth rate of 82 percent, following by Burundi at 38 percent, Timor Leste at 29 percent and Haiti at 15 percent.

In addition to the positive contribution from the business results in the overseas markets, the exchange rate in the countries also brought efficiency to African markets, such as Mozambique (14% of benefit), Cameroon (7%), and American markets, such as Peru and Haiti with benefit from 3-6%.

The group expected to have nearly 50 million international customers in this year, with a growth rate of 35 percent; and see turnover from overseas markets reaching nearly VND 32 trillion (USD 1.4 billion) in 2017, up by 29 percent year-on-year.

Translated by Thuy Duong