Viettel's joint ventures in other countries quickly gaining trust of customers

Under this plan, Viettel Global targets to serve an addition of 12.9 million foreign subscribers and expand its business to new markets with a total population of 100 to 200 million people.

Last year, Viettel Global’s telecom revenue in foreign markets increased by 21.5 per cent, doubling its growth in the previous year.

Attentively, Viettel subsidiaries in new African markets enjoyed high growth: Viettel Tanzania up 1,343 per cent, Viettel Cameroon up 43 per cent and Viettel Burundi up 42 per cent. Besides, the number of Viettel Global’s customers reached nearly 36 million and its networks in foreign markets promptly reached the first position in local countries.

The above achievements resulted from the company’s strategy with a focus on market expansion, attraction of customers in markets with low population density, provision of 4G services, other value added services and launch of new applications for cell phones in saturated markets.

In the first quarter of this year, Viettel Global’s pre-tax profit increased by USD 39.3 million against the same period last year. It was sourced from the growth of 25 percent in five out of its nine foreign markets which have been provided with 4G services; and IT telecom solutions for big enterprises and foreign governments.

Furthermore, Viettel Global’s subsidiaries’ provision of public welfare telecom service and e-governmental system under the agreements signed with Mozambique and Timor Leste partners, have brought about 30 to 40 per cent in their turnover.

Translated by Mai Huong