Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Trong Nghia addressing the meeting

The participants embraced the Central Military Commission’s resolution on leadership over military-defense mission performance and building the Military Party Organization in 2018 and discussed the company’s Party Committee’s resolution on tasks for the year.

Last year, the company fulfilled and exceeded their production targets with a turnover of over VND 5,530 billion, accounting for 102 percent of the yearly plan, and contributed VND 168.57 billion to the State budget.

This year, the company will focus on key missions such as equitization, strong Party Committee building and outstanding fulfillment of production and business missions.

In his speech, Gen. Nghia hailed the task performance of the company’s Party Committee and Directorate and applauded the all-out efforts of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in combining economic development with national defense.

He asked the Party Committee to bring into full play its tradition and internal solidarity to direct the implementation of all set targets, raise competitiveness and productivity as well as actively grab opportunities while effectively dealing with any existing shortcomings.

It was also tasked to direct the performance of corporate equitization steps and production and business model restructuring in an effective and sustainable manner and in line with both the Party’s, State’s and MND’s direction.

Translated by Mai Huong