MNP is a service which allows mobile subscribers of one network to keep their existing mobile numbers when switching to other networks. Accordingly, there will be no changes to the mobile numbers when subscribers switch their networks with the service.

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The early launch of the service will increase the efficiency of using phone numbers, better manage mobile phone subscribers, prevent unregistered sim-card holders from using the service, and boost competitiveness of the telecommunications market, thus creating more practical values for customers.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, the three big telecoms service providers, VNPT, Viettel and MobiFone, will officially start MNP services for their customers from November 16. The service will be available for contracted subscribers during the first weeks. After three months, MNP will be available to prepaid subscribers. Another telecoms provider – Vietnamobile, will provide the service from January 1 in 2019. The ministry will issue directives related to fees and service delivery processes for customers.

In order to implement the MNP service, the Department of Telecommunications of the ministry has installed a centralized data system at the National Network Management Center for the mobile service providers to prepare for the MNP.

The data system aims to store the information of all switched network subscribers and switched network activities of users for interoperability between service providers. This system will be updated simultaneously to all databases of telecoms companies whenever there is a change in information about the switched network subscribers.

Translated by Lam Anh