In an intimate and emotional atmosphere, female veterans and delegates reminisced about the glorious and heroic tradition of Ngu Thuy Female Artillery Company during the resilient struggle to defend the homeland.

The company was founded when the resistance war against U.S. imperialists entered the fiercest period and at the time the Central region was the key target of the enemy bombardment in an attempt to block the route to reinforce the Southern theater.

Participants at the get-together

With 37 initial female members, mostly aged 18-20, the company was tasked to train, reinforce fortifications, and stay ready to shoot down U.S. aircraft. Despite heavy duties and difficulties, the female servicewomen, with bravery, high determination, strong will, love for the country and aspiration for peace, practiced hard, regardless of days or nights, acquired military science and technology knowledge, learned how to use weaponry and improved artillery techno-tactical skills. 

The company later continuously achieved feats-of-arms and were honored to receive Uncle Ho’s letters of commendations, and badges. Notably, in 1970, the company was titled “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces.”

Senior Colonel Truong Van Tam presents flowers and gifts to female veterans.

After duty fulfilment, the company was dissolved in 1977. All company members returned to normal life and continued to set exemplary examples and make contribution to the nation and their hometown’s development.

Addressing the meeting, Senior Colonel Truong Van Tam, Deputy Political Commissar of the Artillery Corps expressed his deep gratitude and respect to brave and loyal servicewomen of the heroic Ngu Thuy Female Artillery Company.

The official stressed that they contributed to the heroic feats-of-arms of the artillery force over the past 76 years of construction, combat, and development.

Colonel Tam said that artillery troops will follow the servicewomen’s bright examples to beautify the tradition of the heroic artillery troops.

Translated by Mai Huong