Army Corps 4’s troops train hard to raise combat training quality

Army Corps 4’s troops train hard to raise combat training quality photo

PANO - In order to meet higher task requirements, Army Corps 4 has over the past time focused on enhancing the quality of combat training. The unit has considered organizing exercises a crucial factor determining the training outcomes. The unit has paid attention to training to enhance troops’ maneuverability in deltaic and riverine areas and tactical training in urban areas; practiced scenarios; combined training and exercises, military training and political education and disciplinary training. In order to improve command capabilities and coordination in combat, Army Corps 4 has directed its agencies and units to attach importance to well organizing exercises, particularly comprehensive tactical exercises at the platoon, company, and battalion levels; live-fire exercises with field components; joint exercises among arms and services. These exercises’ outcomes will help strengthen the coordination among forces and evaluate the actual training outcomes and troops’ abilities to fulfill combat readiness missions. Below are photos of troops of Army Corps 4 in training. Translated by Tran Hoai

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