Sr. Lt. Gen. Do Can and the GDP mission during an inspection visit to Regiment 20 of Division 330 of Military Region 9

Since early this year, the Border Post of Ha Tien International Border Gate performed their duties in a very difficult condition, especially under the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, thanks to the comprehensive leadership of the party committees and chains-of-command at all levels, the post’s troops have effectively carried out party and political work plans and completed both routine and unscheduled tasks. The post has applied various good and creative models to mass mobilization work, contributing to maintaining security and safety in border areas.

Meanwhile, in the first months of this year, Regiment 20 has achieved high results in party and political work. In particular, the unit has regularly organized meetings of party cells, effectively conducted models, such as “Daily assessment of Party members,” “Party members guide non-Party members,” and “Building a party cell with two good aspects.” The regiment has also promoted inspection to prevent party organizations and party members from violating military discipline; maintain democratic dialogues, and other meaningful programs, such as political, cultural, and spiritual days. These activities have helped prevent signs of ideological, political and lifestyle degradation, "self-evolution," and "self-transformation."

On hearing reports and checking units’ reality, General Can highly appreciated their accomplishments since the beginning of this year. He urged them to embrace and seriously implement higher levels’ resolutions and directives on military-defense, and party building tasks.

He also requested them to concentrate on building typical strong and healthy Party organizations coupled with building a typical exemplary comprehensively-strong units.

The deputy chief of the GDP also emphasized the political and ideological education for troops, awareness of troops’ thought, fostering the contingent of cadres, especially commanders and managers, dissemination of information about major events of the country, military, and implementation of gratitude activities for relatives of wounded and fallen troops and policy beneficiaries.

Maj. Gen. Nguyen Van Gau speaks at the meeting with the Lang Son provincial Border Guard Command

The same day, another GDP mission, led by its deputy director Major General Nguyen Van Gau checked the Lang Son provincial Border Guard Command’s performance of party and political work.

Praising the command for comprehensive and effective implementation of the work, Maj. Gen. Gau highlighted the unit’s active development of political education plans, application of educational forms to reality, and embracement of the project “Military prevents “peaceful evolution” in ideological and cultural front in the new situation.

The command was also applauded for its effective dissemination of information during periodic talk mechanism, encouragement of locals to join hands in protecting the borders and controlling COVID-19.

Gen. Gau requested the unit to focus on building a strong and healthy Party organization, a typical exemplary and united unit;  disseminate  laws to troops; strictly observe grassroots democracy regulations; ensure security; and comprehensively implement party and political work while performing training, combat readiness, exercise duties.

Translated by Mai Huong