Military Region 1’s military sports festival, which is divided into two phases, gathers 1,300 athletes, instructors, and referees from 21 units. Athletes compete in seven categories, namely strong soldiers, huddle race, armed swimming, unarmed martial arts, football, volleyball, and table tennis.

An overview of the opening ceremony

In the first phase, which took place from May 11 to 19, athletes competed in football, volleyball, and unarmed martial arts. In this second phase, athletes join strong soldiers, huddle race, armed swimming, and table tennis categories. 

Delegates at the event

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Chief of Staff of Military Region 1 Senior Colonel Nguyen Khac Huy asked the organizing panel to closely and flexibly direct the organization of contents to ensure absolute safety of people, weapons, equipment, and vehicles. Meanwhile, referees should accurately and objectively evaluate athletes’ performance. Participating athletes should contribute the best performance at the event, promote solidarity and learning-from-one another spirit, and strictly observe regulations of referees and the organizing panel.

Participating units’ commanding officers should closely monitor their troops, strictly observe regulations, and give timely encouragement to athletes.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Khac Huy believed that the festival is an opportunity for Military Region 1 to select the best athletes for its team to participate in the whole military sports festival in 2024 and promote sports movement among agencies and units in the region.

Athletes competing in the 100m run event in “strong soldier” category

After the opening ceremony, athletes started competing in the 100m run event in the “strong soldiers” category.

The festival is scheduled to conclude on September 21.

Translated by Tran Hoai