In the letter, on behalf of the Central Military Commission and Defense Ministry, the Defense Minister extended best wishes to all commissioned and non-commissioned officers, troops, defense workers, reservists, and militia personnel.

Defense Minister General Phan Van Giang

General Phan Van Giang recalled that in the Year of the Tiger, under the leadership and direction of the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense, Party committees, and chains-of-command at all levels, the whole military stayed united and made joint efforts to comprehensively fulfill assigned missions, of which many tasks were excellently completed. The achievements of the military  were recognized and praised by the Party, State, and people.

The whole military pro-actively studied, forecast, and accurately evaluated the situation and made recommendations to the Party and State to deal with military and defense circumstances in a timely and effective manner, contributing to firmly protecting national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity and creating a peaceful and stable environment for national construction and development.

The quality of combat power and combat readiness capability of the military have been enhanced. The military successfully conducted exercises; hosted and participated in domestic and international competitions; fostered international integration and external defense practically and effectively; built a politically-strong military in combination with healthy, comprehensively strong, exemplary, and outstanding units; upheld and promoted the absolute and direct leadership of the Party over the military. The logistics, financial, technical, and defense industry work obtained new developments. Those above-mentioned achievements demonstrated the military’s responsibility and political determination before the Party, State, nation, and people.

In the Year of the Cat 2023, the pivotal year of implementing the Resolutions of the 13 National Party Congress and the 11th Military Party Congress, the defense leader urged the whole military to continue bringing into play the heroism and the glorious tradition of the heroic Vietnam People’s Army; heightening the spirit of solidarity, democracy, discipline, creativeness; drastically streamlining force organization and striving to obtain greater achievements in the national construction and defense cause, deserving the title of Uncle Ho’s soldier and the trust of the Party, State, and people. 

Concluding the letter, Defense Minister Phan Van Giang wished all commissioned and non-commissioned officers, troops, defense workers, reservists, militiamen and their families good health, happiness, and success!

Translated by Tran Hoai