In the rainy and stormy season, many areas in Hoa Vang district, Central city of Da Nang are often flooded, causing damage to both people and assets.

In order to help local people respond effectively to situations, the Military Command of Hoa Vang district has actively organized training courses on natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue (SAR) for the local militia force.

Standing militia force of Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city in training

At the Tu Cau river’s alluvial ground in Giang Nam 1 village, Hoa Phuoc commune, all preparations for the SAR training session were completed from the early morning. Under the direction of the Commanding Officer of the commune’s Military Command and through the performance of a sample crew, the instructor shared skills and practical experience in SAR work.

Eye-witnessing the skillful and smooth rescue operation of the militia troops with equipment and without equipment, ensuring absolute safety, Commanding Officer of Hoa Phuoc commune’s Military Command Chau Thanh Tuan excitedly said that being considered a pioneer and key force in natural disaster prevention and control and SAR work, the standing militia force of the commune is always present at hot spots on request.

The officer said that the training session was well prepared in all aspects, from the organization and training for a sample crew, preparation of training ground to the organization of a safety watch.

For those taking responsibility of helping people prevent, fight, respond to and overcome consequences of storms, floods, and drowning accidents, each troop not only has good swimming and diving qualifications and skills, but also is good at rescuing victims. Militia troop Le Viet Anh Si from Hoa Phuoc commune said that he acquired more knowledge and experience in the work while participating in the training session. So “I feel more confident every time I perform a task, ready to undertake and complete all assignments,” Si stressed.

Like Hoa Phuoc commune, all SAR crews under the military commands of Hoa Vang district and 11 communes under the district have been under further training on SAR.

According to Colonel Dang Van Tam, Commanding Officer of the Hoa Vang district’s Military Command, to improve SAR skills before the stormy season, agencies and units have focused on contents such as swimming to save lives, giving first aids to the victims; practicing alerting the rescue crews; checking awareness, wearing of equipment and materials to ensure the task performance; operating canoes, materiel, and maneuvering to the field; reviewing plans, consolidating and repairing warehouses and buildings; regularly preserving and synchronously maintaining equipment to keep them ready to take and complete all assigned missions.

Translated by Chung Anh