The signing ceremony

Accordingly, last year the Vietnamese Military Command and Cambodian military sub-regions exchanged information and worked together to deal with legal and border violations in border areas. Tay Ninh province provided VND 2.2 billion to help Cambodian military sub-regions build their barracks, while Cambodian units, themselves assisted troops of Tay Ninh Provincial Military Command in searching and repatriating remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and military experts who scarified while doing international services in Cambodia.

In addition, the two sides cooperated to organize experience exchanges, seminars for young officers and cultural and sports exchanges.

Under the 2018 coordination agreement, the Vietnamese and Cambodian units will cooperate to keep in touch with local situations, prevent crimes, foster information dissemination to fight against schemes and activities to sabotage the fine traditional friendship and solidarity between the two countries, strictly implement agreements and regulations reached by the two governments, protect border markers, conduct search and rescue missions and repatriate discovered remains of Vietnamese soldiers.

Translated by Tran Hoai