In fact, in recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and cruise missiles have been widely used in military conflicts around the world. These modern weapons are small in size and capable of flying at low altitudes, making it difficult for them to be detected. That was the reason for VHT’s research and manufacturing of such radars.

VHT’s 3D S-band tactical radar station VRS-SRS installed in Hanoi-based Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park

The company’s experts started researching 3D radars in 2018. Two years later, VHT mastered the core technology of the most modern radar in the world at that time and succeeded in manufacturing 3D S-band tactical radar stations VRS-SRS. This radar station applies modern electronic antenna technology, capable of detecting small targets, such as UAVs and cruise missiles at low altitudes with high accuracy. In addition, it can distinguish targets flying at different altitudes. Completely modular in design, it is easy to disassemble, transport and deploy in urban areas and craggy mountainous terrains. It is equipped with modern electronic anti-reconnaissance technologies, helping ensure high confidentiality and work around the clock with a lifespan of more than 20 years.

According to Tran Hoang Viet, Head of the Department of Active Phased Array Antenna Technology under VHT’s Radar Center, during the research process, experts encountered a number of difficulties, ranging from technical factors, limited materials to shortage of human resources.

The official said that they had to change the design and wait for the materials to conduct tests to meet the production schedule. Their efforts were paid off. The new design met requirements.

Another difficulty that Viet mentioned was that VHT’s experts had to calculate to ensure both technical features and durability of components. The company also bought many systems to check environmental factors, such as vibration, shock, and humidity that might affect the operation of the radar.

Finally, the 3D S-band tactical radar station VRS-SRS was completed, meeting all set requirements. In comparison with a 3D radar station in the same segment of a leading foreign company in radar production, VHT-researched radar station has some higher features, such as detecting helicopter in a distance of 1.6-fold farther, twofold better in terms of angle measurement accuracy.

Viettel's mastery of 3D radar production technology is a premise for Vietnam to develop lines of advanced military assets to meet the military's diverse combat needs.

VHT’s project on researching and producing 3D S-band tactical radar station VRS-SRS has recently brought Viettel the first prize at the 24th Military Creative Youth Award 2024. The success of the project has not only saved thousands of billions of Vietnam dong for the country but also contributed to the development of the defense industry, the modernization of the military and the higher position of Vietnam in the international arena.

Translated by Mai Huong