Reports delivered at the event revealed that over the past years, under the direction of Viettel Hanoi’s party committee, party organizations, and leadership at all levels, the emulation and reward work and “determined to win” movement have been comprehensively, practically, and effectively carried out. The obtained achievements have motivated its employees to stay united and be determined to complete assigned missions, contributing to building strong units.

Delegates learn about Viettel Hanoi’s products.

In the 2019-2024 period, Viettel Hanoi has launched and flexibly and effectively implemented regular emulation movements, 23 emulation movements in celebration of important events, and hundreds of production stimulation programs.

With its achievements, Viettel Hanoi is the first and only unit among Viettel’s branches in 63 provinces/cities to be awarded the third-class Labor Order and achieve service revenue of more than VND 10 trillion. Currently, the branch has the largest scale of network infrastructure and the largest number of mobile subscribers of 8 million and over 550,000 landline broadband subscribers. It is operating more than 5,800 base transceiver stations and over 13,000 cable routes with a total length of over 15,000km of different kinds.

A view of the congress

During the five-year implementation of the “Determined to Win” movement, thousands of collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in different fields have been honored. Viettel Hanoi has commended 732 collectives and 2,880 individuals. Eighty nine other collectives and individuals have been honored for their outstanding achievements in implementing urgent missions.

Apart from reviewing achievements obtained over the past five years, delegates also put forward orientations and key missions for the 2024-2029 period as well as set targets to maintain its No.1 position in telecoms services and information technology solution in Hanoi. It also aims to achieve the goal of 100% smartphone penetration in the capital city, ensure high-speed internet access for every household, and be the leading provider of landline broadband services in the city.

An artistic performance at the event

Speaking at the event, Viettel Telecoms’ Deputy Director General Senior Colonel Bach Tien Tuan praised and congratulated Viettel Hanoi’s employees on their achievements over the past five years and asked the branch to enhance education and information dissemination to raise their personnel’s awareness of the movement, renew methods in implementing emulation and reward work and “determined to win” movement, discover and train outstanding individuals, and concentrate resources on effectively carrying out the movement. 

At the congress, Viettel Hanoi honored and awarded collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in “Determined to Win” movement in the 2019-2024 period.

Translated by Tran Hoai