Delegates reviewed the situation and context at that time and the development of the campaign.

Thus, the Chu Nghe base, in Ia Krai commune, Ia Grai district, was occupied by the enemy’s Commando Battalion 80. It was one of their strongholds in the region. On September 14, 1973, the Division 320 Command assigned its Regiment 48, reinforced by other local forces, to opening the Battle of Chu Nghe.

An overview of the seminar

On September 22, 1973, the Vietnamese forces opened fire at the base. Thanks to their good preparations and close coordination, it took them nearly four hours to wipe out the base, whereby they facilitated the following liberation of Southeast Pleiku.

Lieutenant General Khuat Duy Tien speaking at the event

At the seminar, Ia Grai district presented a draft plan to build the Battle of Chu Nghe historical relic site in Doch Ia Krot commune, Ia Krai. The district will also ask Gia Lai province to recognize the site as a provincial-level historical site.

Translated by Minh Anh