The book 
A launching ceremony was co-held by the Hanoi municipal Party Committee's Commission for Information and Education, the Tay Tien Veterans’ Liaison Board, and the National Politics - Truth Publishing House.

The book gathers memoirs and stories of Tay Tien veterans on the tough but glorious time they fought against the French invaders in Vietnam’s Western regional theater, their unforgettable memories on the first victory of the regiment in Muong Lap-Houaphan-Laos, and the important position of the victory in the national resistance wars against France in both Vietnam and Laos.

Additionally, the book contains articles published on newspapers and papers written by children of Tay Tien veterans to express their pride in and deep gratitude to their elders’ considerable contributions to the national revolutionary cause.

The contents in the book symbolize Vietnamese people’s traditional undauntedness in struggle and revolutionary heroism of the Vietnamese People’s Army.

Tay Tien Regiment 52 was set up on February 27, 1947 and during the national resistance war against the French colonists in 1945-1954, Tay Tien soldiers accomplished brilliant feats of arms, contributing to the victory over the invaders. They also fought throughout the Northwest and upper Lao fronts, establishing themselves as a token of the Vietnam-Laos traditional friendship.

Vietnam built a historical memorial site for Tay Tien Regiment 52 in Moc Chau town, Son La province, in order to pay deep gratitude for dedication of the unit’s soldiers to the country.

Translated by Van Hieu