He made the affirmation while leading a working group to inspect the preparation of the first level-2 field hospital at Military Hospital 175, including the operation of medical devices, electric generators as well as medicine and material preservation and packaging.

Meeting with the hospital’s staff, Vinh expressed his hope that they will overcome challenges to fulfill their assigned tasks, adding that joining the UN peacekeeping force is part of the Party’s and State’s policy to boost intensive and extensive international integration, especially in defense.

Deputy Defense Minister, Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh (front, second, left) inspects the field hospital's equipment that will be brought to South Sudan.

He said that the move will open up a new opportunity for cooperation with new foreign partners.

The successful implementation of the level-2 field hospital is a vivid illustration for the blue-beret troops’ growth as well as affirms the country’s image in the international arena, he stressed.

According to Senior Colonel Hoang Kim Phung, Director of the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations, in the examination for the hospital in February, an inspection group from the UN spoke highly of the medical staff’s capacity and believed that they will complete their mission in the African nation.

“The hospital is well equipped with sufficient medical device while all of the materials are packed in line with international standards and preserved in good conditions”, Phung noticed.

After four years of preparation, the UN approved the hospital’s personnel list of 69 people in April.

The Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations is working with Tan Cang Company, Military Hospital 175, the logistics agency of the UN and the Government of South Sudan to classify the commodities and complete the packaging in accordance with international transportation principals.

Vietnam’s first level-2 field hospital is expected to officially join the UN peacekeeping force in South Sudan in late June.

Source: VNA