The conference
At the conference, participants reviewed the implementation of search and rescue missions of the Chemical Corps over the past years. Accordingly, the corps has actively participated in activities in relief of consequences of chemical incidents; clearing toxins leftover after the war; joining exercises held by the Ministry of National Defense, including those conducted overseas. Especially, the corps directly solved the consequences of various chemical accidents, including those occurring at Thang Long Tobacco Company and the detoxification of fire-cracker powder contamination in Binh Da (Hanoi).

The participants also discussed a number of related issues and foresaw several situations when chemical accidents may occur, such as industrial toxic chemical and radioactive accidents, and the capacity of the chemical troops in dealing with chemical and radioactive emergencies.

For smooth coordination between the corps and the committee, the two sides agreed to focus on closely following and anticipating situations; force building; training of professional knowledge; funding for specialized equipment purchase and implementation of scientific research projects. Besides, other work should also be enhanced, such as information dissemination of search and rescue missions, consideration of the inclusion of search and rescue contents in teaching curricula at schools, and more, contributing to raising public awareness of research and rescue missions.

Translated by Chung Anh