At the celebration, the participants recalled the tradition and glorious feats of arms of the department and affirmed that over the past 70 years, generations of staff soldiers have been absolutely loyal to the Party, Nation and people and had great determination to fulfill all assigned missions, making contributions to the success of the resistance wars for national independence and national construction and defense campaigns. 

In addition, it has attached much importance to building a unit with political strength and unity and a strong Party organization with combat strength and increased professionalism of its troops. With its remarkable achievements, the unit was honored with many noble prizes by the Party, State and Army.

Addressing the event, Major General Phung Ngoc Son, Commander of the Engineering Corps asked its department to continue grasping thoroughly the Party’s guidelines and resolutions and missions assigned by the army and the corps and raise the quality of staff work to help raise the corps’ combat readiness capacities and build a comprehensively strong unit, contributing to enriching the tradition of the engineering troops.

Translated by Tran Hoai