At 5 am on October 8, on the way to checking the water and power systems of the hospital, officer Nui spotted a brocade purse. He later handed over the purse to the hospital’s on-duty group.

 First Lieutenant Vo Ngoc Nui
On-duty officers, headed by Senior Colonel Le Dinh Ngoi, the hospital’s Deputy Director checked the purse which contained VND 3,870,000 in cash, several personal papers and an identy card. All personal documents are about Trang Thi Chinh, aged 52, a H’mong ethnic woman with her native land in Bao Lam district, Cao Bang province but residence in Ia Le commune, Chu Puh district, Gia Lai province.

Having decided that the purse belonged to a patient or a patient’s relative, two on-duty officers went to each patient ward to look for the owner. At last, they found the rightful owner who was under treatment at the Department of Neurology.

The purse’s owner, Chinh, said that she was hospitalized to treat her neurasthenia and diabetes. On October 8, she and her husband went out for breakfast and dropped off the purse. Receiving the purse with all money and personal documents inside, she was moved to tears. She said that she could not continue the treatment if without the money. She thanked the officer who had found and returned the purse to her and other doctors of Military Hospital 211.

The lost money was so big to Chinh’s family. Before hospitalization, she had to borrow VND 2 million from her relatives and brought with her a total money of VND 5 million. During four days at hospital, she and her husband had spent over VND 1 million and the remainder was inside the purse.

Translated by Mai Huong