Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Defense Minister, chaired the meeting.

A report delivered at the conference affirmed that the military judiciary agencies, inspection, legislation, Border Guard and Coast Guard committees have accomplished their planned and unscheduled missions assigned by the Central Military Commission and the MND.

They have also closely coordinated with other military agencies, units and functional State forces, local authorities to boost information dissemination and prevent effectively crimes, violations, contributing to the improvement of combat readiness strength and combat power of the military, firm protection of national sovereignty over borders, seas and islands and local political security and social order and safety.

Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem speaking at the event

Besides, the legal system on military and defense has been completed with high quality and efficiency.

Moreover, the border and coast guard forces have actively and proactively teamed up with related forces in and outside the military to effectively prevent crimes and legal violations in border areas, on islands and at sea.

In his speech, General Chiem acknowledged and hailed achievements gained by cadres and troops in the first half of this year.

He asked the military judiciary agencies, inspection, legislation, Border Guard and Coast Guard committees to specify their works with a focus on key missions. Accordingly, they should continue embracing the Party’s and State’s guidelines, viewpoints, resolutions and policies, give suggestions to the Central Military Commission and the Defense Minister to complete the legal system on military and defense, improve the Vietnam Coast Guard draft law, complete documents related to revised draft Law on Self-Defense and Militia Forces, and a law project on the Reserve to submit to the Government and compile instructions on enforcing the revised Laws on National Defense and on Denunciation.

Related agencies were requested to boost information dissemination on law, improve coordination with related civilian agencies and inspection and prosecution quality, conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections and concentrate checks on combat training and combat readiness and continue implementing the national program on fighting crimes, drug- and human-trafficking, trade fraud, counterfeit and prevention, anti-corruption while practicing thrift and anti-wastefulness.

Translated by Mai Huong