At the conference
Having heard reports delivered by defense agencies and units, Gen. Chiem acknowledged and applauded military hospitals, infirmaries for their task performance last year. He also lauded the Defense Ministry Insurance for their resolute and prompt cooperation with relevant agencies to carry out health insurance for servicemen as regulated.

Gen. Chiem confirmed that health insurance for servicemen is to better the care for servicemen’s health, and the implementation of this work shows the MND’s determination to observe the 12th Party Central Committee’s Resolution and the Politburo’s Resolution No.21 on health insurance for all people, meeting the building of the military in the current period.

He urged relevant agencies, units and servicemen to raise their awareness of the health insurance’s significance and practical values and know that it gives military medical establishments a chance to improve their staff’s expertise and upgrade infrastructure as well as improve their cadres’ and workers’ spiritual and material life.

Noting that there still remain difficulties in task performance, Gen. Chiem asked relevant agencies and units to disseminate legal regulations on health insurance to each serviceman, military hospital and infirmary.

Translated by Chung Anh